When You Walk That Road

from The Rise Of An Empire by Emo Empire



Back to the start
Can’t help but feeling the way that I do
Memories flood
I think back to us. Then I think back to you
Back to the start

Take it from me, you don’t want to be alone
when you walk that road
I’m telling you now
the choices you make is the length that it goes
Take it from me you don’t want to be alone

End of the day
It’s late in the evening where any strength fades
It’ll be a long night,
can’t wait for the morning to take this away
End of the day

Take it from me
You don’t want to be alone
When you walk that road


from The Rise Of An Empire, released February 5, 2021
New version. The original version can be found on Therapy 2017


all rights reserved


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